IWPT 2021: Program

Friday, August 6, 2021 (All Times in UTC+0)

13:00–13:30   Session 1: Regular Papers Q&A
   Generic Oracles for Structured Prediction
   Proof Net Structure for Neural Lambek Categorial Parsing
   Findings: Neural Combinatory Constituency Parsing (Presenter: Zhousi Chen, Longtu Zhang, Aizhan Imankulova, Mamoru Komachi)
   Findings: Rule Augmented Unsupervised Constituency Parsing (Presenter: Atul Sahay, Anshul Nasery, Ayush Maheshwari, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Rishabh Iyer)
13:30–14:05   Session 2: Regular Papers Q&A
   The Reading Machine: A Versatile Framework for Studying Incremental Parsing Strategies
   Semi-Automatic Construction of Text-to-SQL Data for Domain Transfer
   Levi Graph AMR Parser using Heterogeneous Attention
   Translate, then Parse! A Strong Baseline for Cross-Lingual AMR Parsing
   Great Service! Fine-grained Parsing of Implicit Arguments
14:05–14:35   Session 3: Regular Papers Q&A
   A Falta de Pan, Buenas Son Tortas: The Efficacy of Predicted UPOS Tags for Low Resource UD Parsing
   Multilingual Dependency Parsing for Low-Resource African Languages: Case Studies on Bambara, Wolof, and Yoruba
   Findinigs: Climbing the Tower of Treebanks: Improving Low-Resource Dependency Parsing via Hierarchical Source Selection (Presenter: Goran Glavaš, Ivan Vulić)
   Findings: Annotations Matter: Leveraging Multi-task Learning to Parse UD and SUD (Presenter: Zeeshan Ali Sayyed, Daniel Dakota)
14:35–15:05   Session 4: Regular Papers Q&A
   Bidirectional Domain Adaptation Using Weighted Multi-Task Learning
   Strength in Numbers: Averaging and Clustering Effects in Mixture of Experts for Graph-Based Dependency Parsing
   A Modest Pareto Optimisation Analysis of Dependency Parsers in 2021
   Applying Occam’s Razor to Transformer-Based Dependency Parsing: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What is Really Necessary
15:05–15:15   Break
15:15–16:00   Session 5: Invited Talk
   Incorporating Compositionality and Morphology into End-to-End Models
16:00–16:45   Session 6: Shared Task Q&A
   From Raw Text to Enhanced Universal Dependencies: The Parsing Shared Task at IWPT 2021
   COMBO: A New Module for EUD Parsing
   Splitting EUD Graphs into Trees: A Quick and Clatty Approach
   Graph Rewriting for Enhanced Universal Dependencies
   Biaffine Dependency and Semantic Graph Parsing for EnhancedUniversal Dependencies
   Enhanced Universal Dependency Parsing with Automated Concatenation of Embeddings
   RobertNLP at the IWPT 2021 Shared Task: Simple Enhanced UD Parsing for 17 Languages
   The DCU-EPFL Enhanced Dependency Parser at the IWPT 2021 Shared Task
   TGIF: Tree-Graph Integrated-Format Parser for Enhanced UD with Two-Stage Generic- to Individual-Language Finetuning
   End-to-end mBERT based Seq2seq Enhanced Dependency Parser with Linguistic Typology knowledge
16:45–17:00   Session 7: SIGPARSE Business Meeting